Being a Professional Mathematician


These worksheets have been created to suggest ways in which the case studies can be used. They have been designed to be complete in themselves and the "student versions" could be issued to students for tutorial work exactly as they stand. However, lecturers are free to adapt them to their needs, to extract material from the worksheets to incorporate into their own teaching material, or to create their own exercises around the material. The worksheets are provided in both Microsoft Word format (to allow lecturers to extract material as they wish) and as PDFs.

These worksheets could be used to structure seminars or classroom discussion, or they could be issued to students as self-study material. Where they are used for classroom discussion, it is for the lecturer to decide whether they wish students to think about the issues in advance or whether in some cases a more useful discussion might arise if students have to "think on the spot". "Tutor versions" have also been provided. These add brief notes to tutors to suggest points that might be brought out in discussion or directions in which discussion might be steered. The material for tutors rarely contains "answers" - the worksheet questions rarely have simple answers – but tutors should be aware of the possibility that since this material is freely available on the web, students might find this supplementary material for themselves.

Is mathematics a static body of knowledge or a developing subject?
The public image of a professional mathematician
What makes a professional mathematician?
The importance of professional bodies
What skills do you need to become a professional mathematician?
Are there equal opportunities in mathematics?
Role models in mathematics
Visual representations of mathematicians

This project was supported by the MSOR Network, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Universities of Greenwich and Birmingham as part of the National HE STEM Programme and was completed in May 2012. 

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