Being a Professional Mathematician

The case studies and the curriculum

The participants in the case studies were not in general asked to talk in detail about the mathematics they do. However in order that lecturers can use clips from the interviews as illustration during mathematics lectures, we have indicated some of the subject areas to which each interview might be relevant.

The areas naturally overlap and the terminology is not intended to be in any way definitive.

Danny Brown

  • Geometry
  • Mathematics education

Nira Chamberlain

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Engineering mathematics
  • Industrial applied mathematics

Rosemary Dyson

  1. Applied mathematics
  2. Mathematical modelling
  3. Mechanics

Peter Furness

  • Operational Research
  • Data mining
  • Modelling

Jay Jobanputra

  • Statistics
  • Actuarial mathematics
  • Risk modelling

Sue Merchant

  • Operational Research
  • Statistics


Mason Porter

  • Applied mathematics
  • Non-linear and complex systems
  • Mathematical modelling

Gwyneth Stallard

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Chaos Theory
  • Complex Analysis

Thomas Harriot (1560-1621)

  • Astronomy
  • Solution of equations
  • Sphere-packing

Emilie du Chatelet (1706-1749)

  • Newtonian dynamics

James Joseph Sylvester (1814-1897)

  • Algebra
  • Algebraic geometry
  • Invariant theory

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)

  • Statistics
  • Data visualisation

Hugh Everett III (1930-1982)

  • Quantum theory
  • Game theory
  • Operational Research


This project was supported by the MSOR Network, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Universities of Greenwich and Birmingham as part of the National HE STEM Programme and was completed in May 2012. 

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